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Over the decades the architectural design scenario has evolved incredibly. With the transformative power of design and functionality lifestyle is also articulating its definition rapidly. The way you live, eat and the way you work & socialize has changed phenomenally.

The Next Generation Homes at STAR CITY are somewhat unexpected rather special that brings an identity filled with pride & delight incorporating the delicacy of nature, an understanding of history, and the vision for future.

STAR CITY has envisaged your changing needs and in an effort to your ever improving way of life, it presents you truly.... “THE NEXT GENERATION HOMES”. 

STAR CITY inspires you to reach out your innermost feelings and transcend you to the blissful world ahead of times and advanced technology. This next generation paradise compels you to relish the finest living blended with wonderful technology.

A unique blend of first rate services and rich ambience is making STAR CITY an ultimate heaven to splurge in wonderful days and relax in dreamy nights. With plenty of amenities and harmony of ecstasy & tranquillity, it is going to offer an unmatched lifestyle in which you can simply leave behind the stresses & strains of everyday life.

It’s your paradise that instils an inner calm........ just as you imagined.

STAR CITY is perfect place to rejoice the future living with emotions

STAR CITY has been aesthetically designed by the internationally renowned Architect and  Designer Mr. Anoop Bartaria.


An International group housing project, Where ultimate luxury and comfort are within your horizons. 

A home where you can:

  • live in with nature.
  • enjoy with your family.
  • redefine the pleasure.
  • relax in leisure moments.
  • rejoice life with emotions.

Truly Next Generation Homes.